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I was scrolling Mister Wendig's Terrible Minds blog again, having neglected it for months, and saw his latest flash fiction prompt: There is no exit. On an impulse, for no good reason whatsoever, I cranked out about 900 words of nonsense to that tune with less than a day before deadline and a long list of chores still waiting to be tackled. So, merely 2 hours and 28 minutes and a brief edit later, plus the time it took to create this abysmal excuse for a blog, I present to you the final product, the Land of Block. Try not to hold it against me.

The world around me melted, fading and smoldering, ash blowing away on the wind as I fell into the one last recess that still screamed primordial madness, untamed and unfettered by the confines of society and expectation. Suddenly I was in the shadow, a dark and bleak place where infernal wind swept dust against the vestiges of a landscape I could only vaguely imagine and never glimpse, but there were promises of grandeur and wisps of the ep…